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Ultron Sigma
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Ultron Sigma is the main antagonist of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. His existence is the result of the fusion between Ultron and Sigma.

Ultron Sigma was created after Sigma uploaded his consciousness into Ultron's body after they met each other. Sigma held the Space Stone in his laboratory and Ultron was given the Reality Stone by Thanos in an attempt to reclaim it, but the two machines struck a deal instead over their shared hatred of organical life. Beating Thanos, the two then used both stones to merge both realities into one and set into motion their master plan to obtain the four remaining stones, spread the Sigma Virus across the newly-created reality in order to turn all life into technological life subservient to him, and finally rule over as God.

Ultron Sigma's golden plated chassis body formed after the fused machine held both the Reality and Space Infinity Stones. Their second and final form, Ultron Omega, is the end product of the fused robot’s foolishness when attempting to use the Soul Stone to its full potential, upon being tricked by Dante.


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Page Updated:  Jan. 17th, 2020

Out of all the legit complains players had about MVC: Infinite and its "functions"... I don't think anyone was complaining about this boss design. It definitely wasn't a bad idea to combine a Capcom villain with a Marvel villain and create a brand new ultra-badass boss for a fighting game. Although, I could probably think up some more exciting combinations. Magne-Bison anyone? The power of magnetism and psycho power? It's easy, guys..

Ultron Sigma's design is actually pretty basic and not super exciting unless you're familiar with those two characters. In gameplay, he puts up a pretty good fight. Can't say the same about the rest of MVC: Infinite... :(

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