Tia Langray


Hailing from Thailand, Tia Langray is a female martial artist known for her kicks. Her name in the 1994 prototype version of Breakers, titiled Crystal Legacy, was Shelly Tarlar, later given to her clone counterpart in Breakers. Her prototype iteration has her in a slightly different outfit.

Fun Fact: Tia's clone counterpart, Shelly Tarlar, is a female kickboxer who fought Tia's brother in the past and is a local celebrity in her hometown. She possesses the so-called "Gem of Water".
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Breakers Revenge


Page Updated:  Nov. 13th, 2019

Tia Langray is a blatant, yet almost interesting mix of several well known fighting game characters. For one... she definitely resembles Yuri Sakazaki with those leggings, converse, and headband. She also has a shoryuken, Chun-Li's lightning kicks, Guile's sonic booms, and M. Bison's psycho crusher. Wow. lol. Because the aforementioned characters debuted years before Tia Langray came into existence, Tia is absolutely guilty of plagiarism. And she doesn't care. lol.

In Breakers, Tia is interestingly enough the only hot chick in the series, arguably (unless you're into buff jungle beast-women). That said, she's a naturally likeable design in the game since Breakers has slim pickin's on waifu material. To her credit, Tia is easily one of the more interesting characters from Breakers Revenge and has some pretty solid animations. Her fighting style ain't too bad, albiet all the rip-off stuff. You might say she's the main protagonist of Breakers and one of the most recognizable characters from the game. You're cool Tia....you're cool. You just don't have to try so hard, y'know? Just be yourself. lol. I actually wouldn't mind her crossing over to a KOF or dream match SNK game.

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