Pielle Montario


Pielle is an Italian nobleman and fencer. With his word he can harness the power of lightning. In the 1994 prototype of Breakers, titled Crystal Legacy, his name was spelled as Pierre Montalio.

Fun Fact: Pielle's alter-ego (when both players choose him) is known as George. George is a Frenchman who was once robbed during a trip to Italy and has harbored a hatred for Italians ever since.




Breakers Revenge


Page Updated:  May 31st, 2016

Did the developers over at Visco confuse a "French fencer" stereotype with an Italian and get crossed up somewhere? lol. I say this because fencing has its roots in France and "Pierre" is a French name. But apparently, this guy's name is "Pielle" and he's Italian??? ...wth his blonde hair and everything, right? LOL. Okay guys. Whatever you say.

This design is laughably bad in some ways... and laughably good in other ways (but mostly bad). Pielle's attacks are actually halfway entertaining and almost well done. His embarrassingly awkward voice somehow "add something" to this plain, stereotypical design... somehow. This design is almost so bad, that it's almost good. I'll give them that. However, he did steal Charlotte's anti-air move... straight-up ripped it off. -2 originality points for that blatant plagiarism.

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