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Phase 4
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Phase 4 is a clone of Kasumi and a product of Victor Donovan's Project Alpha. She is a prototype of the final model, ordered to fight as a test before mass production. In the prologue of the story mode at the ruined battlefield, Phase 4 attacked Bayman and his soldiers at blinding speed. However, she hesitated to kill them, leaving Bayman alive with two vicious scars on his torso and face.


Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate

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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Dead or Alive 6


Page Updated:  May 26th, 2019

"Put some clothes on Kasumi, you're wearing too much." ... said no one ever. Sooo, "Kasumi in full compliance with Sharia law" is a new character? Tecmo Koei thought Kasumi needed another clone design? They couldn't think of anything more interesting? Sorry if "Kasumi in a black cloak" doesn't stimulate my imagination, but this design is boring. I'm fine with DOA trying something other than over-sexualized female ninjas... but I'm not so sure "censored" Kasumi is the ticket to make the series interesting again. (Although, "censored" DLC costumes as a joke might actually be funny). Can't blame me for trying to make this character overview more interesting than it is.

After trying "Kasumi Clone 4" in Training mode... I found Kasumi's moveset with annoying teleporting abilities. *Yawn*. I only noticed a small handful of unique moves, along with a TON of copy-paste Kasumi animations. I'm not sure you "get it" Tecmo. See, over in the TEKKEN series... Devil Jin and Jin Kazama have completely different movesets, playstyles, and animations. Both characters are dynamic in their own ways, and serve a unique a purpose - while Phase 4 just seems like a quick "copy/paste" to fill up another character slot. Not to mention they released Phase 4 as a paid DLC character. lmao... wow. It would seem that only the most hardcore Kasumi players will find Phase 4 even remotely interesting... all 3 of them.

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