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Monster Hunter
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Monster Hunter is a character based on Capcom's Monster Hunter series. In the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite storyline, The Monster Hunter is a loyal servant of Black Panther, ruler of Valkanda. The Hunter captures Ryu, thinking him to be an assailant and immediately becomes wary of the Hulk when she sees him. When Captain America and Chun-Li, the Hunter threatens the Captain and to show Black Panther respect, looking for a fight. The Hunter senses the Dah'ren Mohran and warns Ryu and Hulk about it.

After Ryu and Hulk defeat the infected Mohran, the Hunter shows appreciation for the heroes, but stays behind with Black Panther to protect Valkanda from any possible invasions from Ultron Sigma.


Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite





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