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Lidia Sobieska
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Lidia Sobieska is the Prime Minister of Poland and uses Polskie Karate as her fighting style. Born into a family of prominent politicians, Lidia was more than intent on pursuing her training in Karate than following in her father's footsteps. However, after Lidia's father was murdered in a helicopter explosion before her eyes, she vowed to never give into coercion by the unjust.

In TEKKEN 7, Lidia sent a request to Heihachi Mishima, the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, to withdraw Tekken Force from Poland. In an ostensibly pleasant response, covertly full of threat, Heihachi informed her he would do no such thing. He complimented Lidia on her ascension to head of state at such a young age, and informed her that she should co-operate with the Zaibatsu or find herself in a perilous situation.

Heihachi invited her to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournament if she had any objections to this. Given that Lidia will enter the game, it seems clear she indeed has objections, and her main motivation is to free Poland from Zaibatsu control.She is very patriotic as she vows to win The 7th King of the Iron First Tournament in the name of the people of her country. She is seemingly unphased by the threats that her aide warns her about, and unafraid to confront Heihachi when he refuses to withdraw Tekken Force in Poland. She is a dedicated karateka, and, in her character reveal trailer, accidentally slips into speaking like she is in the dojo whilst on the phone with her aide, suggesting she is more comfortable in a martial arts setting than a political one.
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Page Updated:  July 23rd, 2024

Remember when fighting game characters were ONLY Karate guys? (Maybe you don't and you're too young to remember games like Karate Champ or International Karate.) However, I'm an old man who has been doing Karate for 30 years... and I still love Karate represented in fighting games. What true fighting fan wouldn't? The genre has several badass female characters who use traditional Karate as their fighting style, ex: Makoto and Hitomi. However, there actually aren't that many female Karate users in fighting games. Make way for Lidia! She's actually the FIRST karateka in the TEKKEN series. Think about that.

Lidia is a great-looking design, fitting perfectly in TEKKEN. She's a stance-heavy character with hard-hitting strikes, kicks, and a parry mechanic... very appropriate for a Karate master! Lidia is 100% my kind of character. The "4-limb" control scheme of TEKKEN perfectly matches Lidia's moveset. Her attacks and stances feel so natural to perform. It's brilliant. Welcome to the next-gen of Karate animations. Innovative, and a character that matters. Eat your heart out Makoto (and keep on spamming your SFV partner verification request to Capcom.) Osu! Namco also introduced Lidia to the community in a very interesting way courtesy of mysterious care packages. (I feel like I'm part of TEKKEN lore now. lol) 

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