Leroy Smith
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50 years ago, a young boy was caught up in a large scale gang conflict in his hometown in New York City in the United States where he loses his family and his home. After missing for decades, Leroy returns to New York City, now as a seasoned master of martial arts and he's out for revenge. Leroy has a bulldog named "Sugar" who (sometimes) assists him in battle.

About half a century ago, New York was midst a dark period where gangsters were rampant in the tens of thousands. Bribes to the police and the political world were rampant, no one could stop the gangs' tyranny, and people had to be fully subservient to the gangs. As the gangs expanded their control of the city, the conflict between them escalated, eventually leading to a massive battle involving all the gangs. The streets of New York were instantly turned into a battlefield of hell, fueled by explosions and fire, as bullets flew everywhere, indiscriminately killing anyone regardless of age or gender.

The family of Leroy Smith, then a boy, was also involved in a fierce shootout and all were killed. Leroy, too, is seriously injured and falls into a river, and gets washed away into the sea, but luckily is picked up by a merchant ship and survives. In his fading consciousness, he deeply felt his helplessness and a deep desire for revenge against the gangs.

Leaving America, Leroy traveled around the world as a trader, and in Hong Kong he encountered a martial art called Wing Chun. Leroy, fascinated by its one-on-one strategy of defense and neutralizing the opponent, settled down in Hong Kong to learn the martial art.

And many months have passed... Half a century after what later became known as the Big Apple War (New York incident), New York was still dominated by gangsters who had survived, although their power had diminished. Knowing this, Leroy decides to return to New York to take revenge against the gangs and liberate the city. Fueled by his anger, Leroy single-handedly attacks and destroys them with the strength of a fierce demon.

During this time, he learns from one of the gang leaders that the current Mishima Zaibatsu was behind the large-scale rivalry of half a century ago. Surprised at the fact that a large company currently engaged in the war that has divided the world has been behind it for such a long time, Leroy believes it is the root of all evil and decides to join The King of Iron Fist Tournament hosted by the company.


Tekken 7 (Season 3)

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Tekken 8

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Page Updated:  Apr. 25th, 2023

Finally, the awesome martial art of Wing Chun will be represented in TEKKEN. Wing Chun's appearance in TEKKEN is long overdue if you ask me. TEKKEN 7 experimented with some original / unorthodox designs early on in its lifespan, so I'm happy to see a return to its traditional martial arts-based roots with Leroy in Season 3. Visually, Leroy is nicely fleshed out but not overdone... no complaints here. His alternate costumes are outstanding as well - in other words, he's a true TEKKEN character. Instant classic.

I was a bit salty to see Leroy beat up on Marshal Law, Lei Wulong and Feng Wei in his debut trailer... all at once. Those are characters everybody loves; and that's kind of a weird way to introduce a new character. However, this is TEKKEN. No time to get your feelings hurt. Leroy's hard-hitting and unique Wing Chun style is better than I imagined. Tons of counters, authentic stances, and over 100+ moves! Leroy is a real one. His bulldog Sugar is also a perfect addition to his design and it's hilarious how he (or she?) assists him in battle (and sometimes refuses to come when called). Awesome character as usual, Bandai Namco.

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