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King of Dinosaurs
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The King of Dinosaurs is a mysterious masked "heel" (villain) wrestler hailing from Mexico. His mask resembles that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He bears some of the same moves (and a similar voice) as Tizoc, leading fans to speculate that he is actually the same wrestler as Tizoc under a new wrestling gimmick. It was eventually revealed in Mexico Team's ending that he was in fact Tizoc in disguise, trying to act as a heel for personal reasons. Apparently, Tizoc took a harsh defeat against Nelson, and in order to avenge his loss and knowing the risk of displeasing his fans to settle the score, he changed his persona to The King of Dinosaurs.

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The King of Fighters XIV




The King of Fighters XV


Page Updated:  July 21st, 2021

Been a Tizoc fan since the early 2000's, I was kinda disappointed to see the falcon mask go... but King of Dinosaurs grew on me. I would've been perfectly happy with the epic return of Tizoc in KOF XIV, the "King of Dinos" gimmick actually works and is pretty entertaining. He's very "different" for KOF and a fun character to watch in gameplay. He's definitely got that "stage presence" about him when he's onscreen.

He has some of Tizoc's classic moves, and also some of Zangief's normals (I think King of Dinos was watching some SFV before his big debut in KOF14). His attacks were he uses his tail and others where he "resembles a dinosaur" are entertaining, but I think I would've preferred a wider variety of more-traditional pro-wrestling moves. Overall though, King of Dinos is cool and a solid addition to KOF14. On a side note: His "yells" are too epic and make me laugh in a good way. Good voice actor!!

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