The northeastern part of the continent is a collection of small provinces that until recently battled one another. A baby girl, born in this region, was left behind when the villagers fled as enemy troops approached her hamlet. The wilderness spirit Degas found this baby girl and named her Jamm.

The spirit found shelter for Jamm and asked the beasts of the lands to welcome her as one of their own. Though still young and naive, Jamm has learned to survive in the wilderness, even to defend herself when necessary. She has learned a number of fighting styles from the animals, and hopes to keep what's left of the provinces for them. After Degas passed away, Jamm began wearing his fur and claws. When she learned that the Golden Axe can make any wish come true, she began seeking it to revive Degas.

Golden Axe: The Duel

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Page Updated:  May 15th, 2016

I see what you did there Sega... They saw Cham Cham and made their very own Cham Cham in Golden Axe: The Duel. Jamm's voice, mannerisms, and even stance are very similar to Cham Cham's (not to mention her damn name). To her credit, Jamm has some unique aspects to her design and is likeable. While her normal moves are cool, most of her special moves kinda lack originality. (Generic fireball for no particular reason?). Her super move with the lion spirit-thing somewhat makes up for it... definitely a cool super move for the time.

The strength of her design is probably her personality and mannerisms. Her winning dance cracks me up a bit. She definitely brings something to The Duel's roster.

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