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Jack grew up adopted by the artist Odin, father and son made their modus vivendi on auctioning treasures secretly obtained from underground circuits. Sometimes they also operated under request of the National Security Agency, to gather valuable information as infiltrators. At the age of 20, Odin mysteriously disappeared leaving only a handful of clues and a "Vacuum Edge" Sword. In all clues pointed his disappearance was work of the Fung Family. There are evidences that he sometimes stole things simply to offend that powerful group. Jack took the Vacuum Blade and went into drifting, vowing to defeat the Fungs and find Odin.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




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Page Updated:  Dec. 31st, 2013

You can't really tell by the official art... but Jack looks a lot like DMC's Dante, or Vergil in gameplay. Jack's one-handed sword fighting style is a lot more "toned down" than either of them, but he has a pretty cool moveset overall. His sword slashes are stylish and have a lot of oomph behind them... in particular, his shoryuken move with the sword just looks awesome when it connects (similar to the way Hayato does it in MVC2, actually). His also got some cool sword combo strings, and even a random teleport move.

In some ways he's a simpler design than some other XDZW characters, but certainly not bad. Jack is also one of the very few characters in XDZW that speaks English... and no, not "Engrish"... actual English! Haha. Everything he says is crystal clear, although I think his voice is a bit too "feminine" for the character. He doesn't sound like a chick or anything, but borderlines on a boy going through puberty. lol. 

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