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The successor to the Hayate spirit; although he remembers "That Thing," he has chosen to live a normal life and is currently a university student. A master of his own style of swordplay using the Sports Chanbara, he is unbeatable in all of the university league. He is also highly respected as an instructor. After facing off with Sanane at the Sports Festival, he awoke to his duty and resolved to seal Garuda. This Hayate shares some traits with Hayate from Street Fighter EX2.


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Page Updated:  Mar. 14th, 2021

It's kinda hard to believe this character came from the original Street Fighter 2 designer, Akira Nishitani. This Hayate is different. This design sort of reminds me of Travis Touchdown... like a "Ken" version, or somethign. lol. It's a bit strange, yet intriguing, why they didn't go with the original Hayate design from SFEX2. (I sense a nostalgia costume incoming.)

So let's address the tiny elephant in the room. So... like, Mr. Nishitani... I know that you know -  there are already 3 characters named "Hayate" in the fighting game universe, right? ^______^ Thus, another Hayate TFG profile is born. If he visits FightersGeneration.com, Nishitani-san must be getting a laugh out of this. P.S. I'm interested to try out this character! Mission comprete?

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