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Like Juli, Juni, and the other dolls, Decapre was brainwashed by M. Bison and trained as an assassin and bodyguard. She first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998). Decapre is originally from Russia, she wears a black mask, and closely resembles Cammy because she is a clone of her. Like fellow Shadaloo member, Vega, Decapre uses claws in hand-to-hand combat, except she wields shorter claws and in both hands. Her name is derived from the Russian word for December, Dekabr'.

In her first playable appearance, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Decapre is seen with a degrading mental state and can only focus on killing and destroying her enemies. She also harbors an intense hatred towards Cammy which drives her to escape her stasis pod and hunt her down. In the Super Street Fighter 4 OVA, Decapre, along with the other Dolls, is attacked by Juri in a secret Shadaloo mountain base and is swiftly defeated. She is placed in a stasis pod and loaded onto a plane alongside the other Dolls by Juri who takes them to Seth at an unknown location for him to perform experiments on.

In Ultra Street Fighter 4,
Decapre is awakened from an induced slumber within a stasis pod by S.I.N. employees, who release her from M. Bison's mental control. As she awakens, Decapre has flashbacks of being taken away by Shadaloo. She also has flashbacks about Cammy as well. In a fit of hatred-induced rage, she uses her daggers to smash open the stasis pod and leaves, vowing to kill Cammy. Decapre nonetheless pursues her prime directive, which is to kill Seth. After she defeats him, while standing over his unconscious body preparing to "complete termination of prime objective", she is interrupted by Cammy. Decapre once again goes beserk and attacks Cammy, determined to kill her, but is suddenly incapacitated by the failure of her rapidly expiring body. As Cammy tries to help her, Decapre removes her mask, revealing her horribly scarred face and the source of her hatred.

M. Bison then appears and tells Cammy that it was never a coincidence, and that Decapre is going to die as a result of a "dead man's switch" (previously mentioned in Juli and Juni's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 3) installed in her, with her mind slowly deteriorating from having broken free of M. Bison's control. As Bison speculates about a potential bargain for her life, Decapre decides to hold out her hand to Cammy and tells Cammy that it's alright, similar to what Cammy said to Decapre before she was taken to her stasis pod; M. Bison then takes Decapre away. Back in her stasis pod, Decapre then says in her thoughts; "It's alright. Your big sister is right here.".

In Street Fighter V, Decapre appears in the beginning of Cammy's prologue story as part of Cammy's memory where she goes berserk and attempting to kill her before her body was incapacitated from her ending in Ultra SF4. Cammy also mentions her after she defeats F.A.N.G while looking for her whereabouts before changing her word to the whereabouts of the Dolls. When Vega and his squad cornered the two girls and attacked Cammy with his claw, Juni recognizes the claw that Vega wields is like Decapre's.
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Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Support)

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (Support), Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (Support), Ultra SF4

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Page Updated:  Apr. 15th, 2020

As a huge SFA3 fan, I was looking forward to seeing the dolls represented in Ultra SF4 when rumors started floatin' round. I imagined an Ultra move where all 12 of the dolls would come out of the background and beat the shit out of the opponent. That alone would make the character worth it. But instead... we just got Decapre. Out of all the other cool-looking dolls that never got any face time, we get Cammy 2.0. -____- Ooook.

Better known as "Masked Cammy"... Decapre is... yes, a Cammy clone. In a game that already has too many "shoto-clones," having a clone of another character wasn't a very effective move, not to mention she's the only real "new" character in Ultra SF4. I'll admit most of Decapre's moves & specials are well-designed and look neat, but she doesn't have the "wow factor" I was hoping for. Too little... too late. If you happen to disagree with me, ask yourself this question: Do Juni, Juli and the rest of the "dolls" in SFA3 have a cooler vibe and a more distinguishable, unique appearance? Yes. Yes they do. Decapre also could've brought 2 VS 1 gameplay into Ultra SF4... but no, that 1998 technology is far too advanced for the SF4 engine. :(

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