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Darli Dagger
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Darli Dagger is a female pirate and shipwright who has mastered the use of various tools. She washed ashore an island at an early age, where carpenters taught her how to make things and pirates taught her how to protect herself and survive. She is currently building a ship said to be unsinkable with her comrades at the island's workshop.
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Samurai Shodown (2019)



The King of Fighters XV


Page Updated:  Nov. 2nd, 2022

Darli is a pretty cool design for Samurai Shodown. She's got the vibrant colors and flair that the original cast brought to the fighting game universe back in the 90s. Looks like B. Jenet isn't the only SNK pirate girl these days... and it's cool they actually get to meet in KOF XV. While I enjoy Darli's appearance overall, something about her outfit design lacks excitement... especially in Samurai Shodown 2019's graphics engine - which has its pros and cons. Darli's slightly wonky 3D character model isn't perfect and neither are the "water" effects in her special move. SamSho was definitely prettier in 2D.

Again, Darli is cool... but SNK's execution of the character in their 3D graphics engine holds her back a bit. I think many would agree with me that Darli looks better in 2D form. Just look at the art!

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