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Bandeiras Hattori
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Fascinated by ninjas since his childhood, his hard work and training have paid off, allowing him to acquire amazing ninjutsu/ninpo skills. Founder of the “Brazilian Ninja Arts” Dojo, Bandeiras unfortunately has no students at the moment. He hopes his participation in the KOF tournament will remedy this situation and bring a lot of students to his dojo.


The King of Fighters XIV




Page Updated:  Nov. 2nd, 2019

(Antonio) Bandeiras Hattori is a cool design... even at first glance. There aren't too many "ethnic" ninja character designs around, so it's nice to see something new. His cool / nerdy personality is something different for the KOF series, and at least he backs it up with solid and interesting fighting techniques. What struck me first about some of his special moves are the homage to Samurai Shodown characters. He's got Ukyo's rapid fire slashes, Hanzo's "disappear-into-log" move and spinning suplex! Cool fan service. Aside from that, his normal moves are pretty unique to him.

Visually, he's easily one of the best / coolest new designs to debut in KOF XIV. I could see him easily returning in a future KOF installment (and I definitely wouldn't say that about every KOF14 newcomer). On that note, "something" about his design feels like it needs to develop a bit further.

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