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Antonov is a Russian powerhouse and the organizer of The King of Fighters XIV tournament. He serves as the sub-boss of KOF XIV. A mysterious billionaire and self-proclaimed "first champion", Antonov bought the rights of the King of Fighters brand to host the new tournament. After the tournament, he uses his wealth to buy land to help Zarina (after a bit of coercion on her part) protect her pet, Coco.


The King of Fighters XIV



The King of Fighters XV


Page Updated:  Aug. 11th, 2021

I'm sure there's no substance abuse going on here... lol. Antonov was a cool sub-boss for KOF XIV, and he certainly looks the part. Someone pointed out on TFG's Facebook that Antonov looks surprisingly like Triple H. (His face in the KOF14 portrait art mainly, lol). Similar to Triple H's current position in WWE, he's also the "organizer" of the tournament. Interesting.

Antonov turned out to be one of the most charismatic SNK bosses in recent years. His voice and mannerisms during KOF14 cutscenes remind me of Heihachi Mishima's comedy moments in TEKKEN endings and cutscenes. Also, I can respect a dude that fights with a cigar in his mouth... with the cigar smoke coming out of his ears? Cool. His power / rasslin' based moveset is pretty entertaining overall. That KOF14 belt design is also pretty sick. All in all, Antonov is a solid sub-boss for KOF14... and ironically, much better than the game's actual final boss, Verse. >_> First impression of his KOF XV redesign? Macho Man? Meh. I think they should've double-downed on the Triple H look. Ooooh yeeeeeaaah.

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