Tsugumi Sendo


Tsugumi Sendo is a high school student from Osaka who was taught wrestling by her father, Kantetsu from an early age. However, she is secretly ashamed of this, especially after she was told by a boy she had a crush that woman wrestlers are "unfeminine", and wants to drop out of her wrestling training. 

After butting heads with her overbearing father, Kantetsu will allow her to drop out, but only under the condition that she brings a decisive victory in the King of Fighters tournament. Despite her original hatred for wrestling, she has come to enjoy fighting as she began to win matches. Some of Tsugumi's move names reference her hometown, like "Tsūtenkaku Driver", "Naniwa Lariat", and "Okonomiyaki-Ire".
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Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition



Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2

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Page Updated:  Mar. 3rd, 2017

Tsugumi is yet another one of those characters that takes a little while to figure out whether it's a guy or a girl... I hate those. lol. She reminds me quite a lot of Asuka Kazama, though her fighting style is completely different. Tsugumi has a few halfway-decent throw techniques, but most of her attacks are very stiff (blame Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition). Due to the game's clunky animation, Tsugumi also doesn't have any "feminine" animations at all to hint that she's actually female. :/ 

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