Ryuhaku Todoh


Todoh is the creator and main teacher of Todoh style karate, which derives its style from Aikido and Kendo. Todoh had a long standing rivalry with disciples of the Kyokugenryu school of karate and considers them a threat to his style of teaching in terms of profits as well as personal animosity dating back to a rivalry with Takuma Sakazaki when both men were very young.

On his quest to find his younger sister Yuri, who had been abducted by Mr. Big under Geese Howard's orders, Ryo Sakazaki blatantly attacked Todoh at his school and fought him to interrogate him about the whereabouts of his sister. After Ryo easily defeated Todoh, he was humiliated and saw his schools finances as well as his attendance at his schools suffer. After the loss, Todoh went into hiding and hasn't been seen since. Because of his disappearance, his daughter Kasumi went on a personal quest to not only try to look for her father, but to gain revenge on Ryo and all Kyokugenryu disciples to try to reclaim her family's honor.
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Art of Fighting


King of Fighters 2000 (as striker), Capcom VS SNK 2, Card Fighters Clash 2

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Page Updated:   May 8th, 2019

Todoh was a somewhat generic and bad guy in the original Art of Fighting... but at the same time, he was an original for a fighting game / video game character. Ironically enough, I was sad to see him go in AOF2/AOF3. Considering some of the "new guys" SNK added in the sequels, I actually kinda missed Todoh.

After his appearance in AOF, Todoh didn't make a playable appearance in fighting games for many many years. It actually seemed to be a running joke, as SNK stuck Todoh in many backgrounds throughout the KOF series (and in other games as well).

Todoh made his epic return in Capcom VS SNK 2... and I for one was excited to see him return! With Capcom's help, Todoh ended up being a really cool and charismatic character in CVS2. His animations and taunts in CVS2 are pretty awesome to say the least.

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