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G-Mantle / The Mask


G-Mantle ("G" stands for "game") is a mysterious character who appears in several SNK games. He was originally used as a mascot for Neo Geo before the likes of Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi. He makes cameo appearances in a wide variety of SNK games, including: Blue's Journey, Cyber-Lip, The Super Spy, Burning Fight, Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 3, Robo Army, King of The Monsters 2, KOF '97, KOF XI, KOF '94: Rebout and KOF '98: Ultimate Match.

In Card Fighters Clash, "The Mask" is a mysterious card-fighter that randomly shows up in random places within card battle arenas. He is never heard talking, only laughing.

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Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash DS, King of Fighters 2000 (as striker)


Page Updated:  Apr. 9th, 2021

"The Mask" was a pretty cool opponent in the original Card Fighters Clash... I guess you had to have played the game to really understand that. He showed up in random areas in the Card Fighters world, and usually gave pretty good card when you beat him. ;) His appearance as a striker was so-so, yet funny. Since the TFG rating scale doesn't really apply to him, I can't really give him a rating.

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