Deep in the mountains, there are four clans of fighting monks known as the Yatagarasu. Within these clans, the power of the beast transformation is passed down, though it is sealed until the inheritor is judged an adult. However, one of the heirs to the families, Reiji, had his seal broken prematurely before the coming of age ceremony because of the crest/tabula incident (in Bloody Roar 3). Reiji, who deep down harbored destructive tendencies, used these new found powers and killed his father, a member of the four clans, and fled the temple. Reiji went out in search of strong Zoanthropes, finding great pleasure in killing a powerful opponent, though now he is on the run from the remaining Yatagarasu who pursue him.

Reiji is disappointed with his battle against the dragon. His thoughts drift upon the dragon and the Unborn, unhappy that his life was controlled to have such worthless dealings with. Manakneels over Ryoho, sadly apologizing to him for being so weak. Reiji tells her to stop sniveling. Mana cowers in his presence. Then, Reiji's rivals from the Yatagarasu arrive. He seems pleased to see the three as he asks if they want to play and their defeat will stay in his mind forever. He transforms and attacks them.


Bloody Roar 4




Page Updated:  March 13th, 2014

I know a 5-minute filler design when I see one. I can't pick which is worse... those silly orange pants, generic tattoos, or goofy silver hair (because giving a character silver hair automatically makes them cool right? .....No.)

Okay, so his "crow beast form" doesn't look too terrible... I guess (I bet it took the designers a long time to conceptualize that one), but everything else about him just seems "forced" in every way. 

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