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She is Tracy's older twin sister, who was separated at birth from her and abandoned by her parents. Left to fend for herself, she cursed her fate and learned to hate Tracy. She joined the Organization and enters the third Toshinden tournament in order to defeat her sister.


Battle Arena Toshinden 3




Page Updated:  Sept. 6th, 2013

First off, WTF kind of weapons are those? ^o^ And what are those baseball bat contraptions? lol. (see what I did there?) ^-^ Anyhow, those are some weird-looking tonfas... or rather, modified baseball bats? Originality points for such a ridiculous weapon-design, I guess. Other than that, Rachael is pretty much a palette swap of Tracy. Her outfit looks a bit more random and less natural than Tracy's, though. 

Now to address the elephant in the room: Those BOOBS are just ridiculous. I don't have a problem with woman that have a "full figure"... but this chick's boobs are large to the point of being almost grotesque. Personal preference I suppose. Personally, I always ran away from women with huge muscles and giant fake boobs. It's just a scary combination, IDK.

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