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The final boss of Dead or Alive 3, Omega is an experiment created by Victor Donovan. He was once a human male named Genra, the former leader of the Hajin Mon Sect of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan. In DOA3, the player fights Omega at an obscure 3/4th's camera angle.

Genra was the master of the Hajinmon sect of the Mugen Tenshin clan and Ayane's foster father, who first appeared in Dead or Alive 3 as the super-human weapon Omega.After Ayane was given away by her mother Ayame at birth, Genra took the girl in and became her father and master, teaching her Hajinmon style ninjutsu. Before the third Dead or Alive Tournament, he gave himself to the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee, and let himself be experimented on, turning him into a weapon of destruction.


Dead or Alive 3


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Page Updated:  May 27th, 2019

He was a decently cool boss in DOA3 I guess... but like Tengu, he didn't exactly make a big impact upon his arrival. There have definitely been far more exciting boss designs than this. Omega really kinda seems like an afterthought as a design and how he was used in the game's storyline. I think they just wanted a big dude in samurai armor to fight with a bo staff light-saber thing. In short, he's not a very deep design... but wasn't a terrible boss for DOA3. He made the camera angle all weird, so that's kind of fun.

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