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Elysium is the entity that guides the wielder of the Soul Calibur. In order to better appeal to Patroklos, Elysium took on the form of Sophitia Alexandra. She guided Patroklos on his journey to restore Soul Calibur. However at the end, she revealed herself to be a manifestation that Patroklos created with Soul Calibur. Near the end of the SC5 storyline, Elysium brought Patroklos to the Utopia of the Blessed and decided to use his body to destroy Soul Edge. However, Patroklos refused and defeated her in battle. As her body disintegrated and disappeared, Patroklos returned to the real world, saying, "Good-bye, Mother.


Soul Calibur 5





Page Updated:  Jan. 6th, 2020

The SC5 story is a bit weird... isn't it? So it Elysium isn't really Sophitia, just an "entity" that took on the form of her to influence Patroklos. I suppose she's not a bad "mimic" character in the game, but since there are 2 other mimics... she kinda had to share the spotlight. She definitely looks cool using any of the other female styles in the game, along with her unique weapons. Her super move is also interesting... yet not exactly suiting for Soul Calibur. Visually, I think she's pretty cool... and obviously has quite a lot of sex appeal. No complaints here. :)

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