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Blizzard is a noble god, the essence of the animal spirit. Frozen for millennia at the heart of an immense glacier in the Himalayas, Blizzard was released when the Earth met the Great Meteor. He lived high in the mountains, descending only when threatened. His animal power and age-old wisdom makes him almost unstoppable.


Primal Rage




Page Updated:  Sept. 20th, 2019

Big ice monkey was pretty much the "cover boy" of Primal Rage. He got picked for some of the box art and made some of them old dinos jealous. You're looking at the first Ryu, the first Kyo, the first Kazuya... (granted that Blizzard existed 240 million years ago). ^o^ I can see why they picked this design to be the poster monkey; he's easily one of the most distinguishable and most interesting-looking characters in the game.

Giant Ice Ape God from hell? Cool mohawk? Yeah... memorable stuff for the time. I remember the 90's, I was there. Old Bliz is pretty intimidating, but clearly under-developed... hey, it's Primal Rage. Even so, you gotta admit his design stood the test of time rather well. He still looks pretty cool. Those cloths didn't go out of fashion. :) So when's the Primal Rage reboot? Woop woop.

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