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A womanizer, Aran is an effective fighter at almost any range. He uses projectile attacks and close-range rushing attacks.


The Rumble Fish


The Rumble Fish 2


Page Updated:  July 2nd, 2020

Yooo... stop tryin' so hard to be Steve Fox. There's no denying it. Steve made a big splash in 2001 when he debuted in TEKKEN 4 as one of the best and most dynamic fighting game boxers of all time... so Aran appearing in 2004 in Rumble Fish is a bit suspect.

Total rip-off? ...Maybe not. Unlike Steve, Aran has quite a few actual kicking techniques. (Well, Steve does too. He tries at least.) Anyway, Aran's anti-air kick seems a bit overpowered actually. He's got some cool animations that define the cool vibe of the Rumble Fish series. Aran still seems like a sleeper design in his series.

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