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Peter Parker was a bookish youth who lived with his aunt and uncle, and was often ridiculed by the students at his high school. During a science demonstration, a spider that had been bathed in radiation bit Parker on the hand. From the irradiated spider, Parker gained the proportionate strength and speed of a spider. Originally using his powers for personal gain, Spider-Man dedicated his life to crime-fighting when his uncle was murdered by a burglar that Peter could have apprehended earlier. 

Keeping his identity secret, Spider-Man has never hesitated to put his life on the line for the people of New York. In his civilian identity, Peter works as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, taking pictures of himself in action. He is also married to supermodel Mary Jane Watson, who has managed to come to terms with her husbands dangerous profession. Despite public opinion that he is a menace, Spider-an continues to fight for the side of good whenever he is needed. Venom is his arch-nemesis.
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Marvel Super Heroes

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Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom, Marvel VS Capcom 2, Marvel VS Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite

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Page Updated:  Nov. 2nd, 2020

Arguably the most iconic comic book character ever, Spider-man's fighting game debut was a sure hit, and especially thanks to the hands of Capcom's talented artists... Capcom really came through, giving him some amazingly fluid and simply awesome animations which are still impressive to this day, and also making his personality stand out in the game itself.

Spider-man's original design traces back until 1962 and has only improved since his early days... He's always been a cool, interesting, and funny character. And there's no arguing that he's one of the most memorable and successful "character designs" of all time.

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