Sokaku Mochizuki


Sokaku Mochizuki is a Buddhist monk who practices the Authentic Pathless style Martial Arts (Seiden Mudō Ryū Bujutsu), a fighting style created to hunt down Shura after its founder lost to the Shiranui style. He is said to has the strongest psychokinetic power in the history of the art's style. In Fatal Fury 3 and the original Real Bout, his objective is to seek the Scrolls of the Jin and destroy them.
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Fatal Fury 3


Fatal Fury Real Bout, Fatal Fury Real Bout 2, Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Sep. 13th, 2023

Sokaku is probably one of SNK's most generic and boring character designs, visually. He looks like a background character, to me. I suppose my judgment isn't that far off, since SNK hasn't brought this charismatic fellow back in any other fighting games since the Real Bout series.

Some of Sokaku's special moves aren't bad... as he can "summon" large entities to attack his opponents which do look pretty cool in the games. However, his summons seem a bit out of place in a traditional hand-to-hand fighting game like Fatal Fury. He would be more fitting in a Darkstalkers-like game. In my opinion, Sokaku was one of the least impressive / least interesting Fatal Fury newcomers introduced in the Real Bout series.

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