Rouge the Gypsy fortuneteller is exotic, with a mysterious, refined presence. Guided by signs from her crystal ball, she is dancing her way around the world in a search for the famed Power Stones. Even in the battle arena, her graceful moves look more like dancing than fighting. She can wield fire as easily and naturally as her own arms and legs, putting the heat on any opponent who stands in her way.

Power Stone


Power Stone 2, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2



Page Updated:  May 24th, 2020

Wait a sec.... Didn't Capcom already create this stereotype for a fighting game, y'know, Pullum from Street Fighter EX? I play all your games Capcom, you can't fool me. Ahh well, I suppose Rouge is a fairly cool design in Power Stone, in some ways. She's likeable perhaps, although painfully generic. 

So anyway, to address the nipple-levers in the room. Yeah, I'll type it again, NIPPLE LEVERS on her transformed version... what are those things covering her nipples? ^o^ Come back after you've glanced at the official artworks. ^___^ This is interesting, because this is probably the first time I've been forced to talk about a female fighting game character's nipples in a TFG character overview. Shows you how classy I am. 

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