Red Shadow


A 25 year-old from Russia, Red Shadow (Hotarubi) is a skilled female assassin who joined Kage under Utsusemi's guidance. Fearing the worst for her master, she sets out to confront Hanzaki before Utsusemi can. This Russian ex-Ninja was given her name due to her resemblance too a firefly's dull glow. She uses a shuriken as her sub-weapon.
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Bushido Blade

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Bushido Blade 2


Page Updated:  May 16th, 2019

This Russian samurai babe is pretty sexy, for starters... and she's also pretty unique as a fighting game character design. Both of her costumes are solid, and like the rest of the cast from Bushido Blade, she has a cool and traditional fighting style. Her personality seems a bit dry compared to others from the series,, but otherwise she's a solid heroine from Bushido Blade.

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