Genbu no Okina


Genbu no Okina (which translates to "Old Man of the Black Tortoise") is a guardian of the demonic portal known as "Hell's Gate". Years ago, he was assigned his job as guardian because of his excellent sword skills. He and the other three guardians stood watch over its seal for many years. For the most part, he is peaceful and merely likes to fish. However, 5 years before the events of Last Blade, a young boy named Kaede came to see him. Kaede wished to learn about swordfighting, and Okina taught him everything he knew, until Kaede was so skilled he could defeat even Okina. And then, out of the blue, Kaede went away again. Okina realized that the boy was going for a reason, and decided to follow him, slowly and surely.

Despite Kaede preventing the opening of the Gate, it had still not been sealed properly. As the oldest guardian, Okina was aware of that and knew that to properly seal the portal, the legendary "Sealing Maiden" was required to perform the ritual. He also discovered that an assassin called the "Messenger From Afar" was rumored to pursue the maiden. Determined to fulfill his role as a guardian, Okina set out on a journey.

Last Blade


Last Blade 2, Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny, Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  Jan. 27th, 2013

Genbu is a comical & clever design, and certainly isn't your typical "elderly martial arts master" fighting game archetype. He obviously doesn't seem like a fighter at first glance, but with his fishing rod & turtles he can actually defend himself rather well. He's got some hilarious moves and animations, for sure. While Genbu lacks flash and excitement, he suceeds at making the Last Blade roster a little bit more interesting. 

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