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Made queen of the land of Amazonia after her part in banishing the dark lord Gargos. Cast out by her tribe as Gargos returns, Maya must vanquish him to regain her throne. The return of the tyrannical Gargos to the ancient world is welcomed by few. Among his foremost adversaries are the Amazons of the great jungle, whose recently-crowned Queen, Maya, earned great respect for her part in the original banishment of the demonic warlords. Now that one of them has returned to lay his curse on the world, Maya's tribes folk cast her from the realm. Until the threat is permanently dealt with, she is forbidden to return. Mira is her fraternal twin sister.
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Killer Instinct 2


Killer Instinct Gold, Killer Instinct 3


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Page Updated:  Apr. 10th, 2020

Maya was a pretty hot video game babe back in mid 90's, and also had a cool fighting style. Looking back at her now, her original design is somewhat generic and laughable... but her simplicity also had some charm. Although Maya was clearly a sexy Amazon warrior back in the day, she also had a bit of that "man-face" going on... lol. Other than that, Maya was actually a solid and memorable Killer Instinct character.

After an 18 year absence... Maya will make her return in Killer Instinct (3). Her updated design isn't bad, but she does seem a bit "over-designed"... especially compared to her original version. I hope her classic costume is selectable at least. ;)

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