Very little is known about Leopaldon, the boss of Guilty Gear Isuka. A great beast, he is a killer who shows no mercy. The giant creature itself is a Gear. The man who controls it is described as a good-hearted man who resides in the South Pole, and attempts to save people who are stranded in the cold. According to the Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Guide the man is a Humanoid Class Gear, and he is "fused with the predatory dog". While his outward instincts appear to be part-dog, he is in control of his own actions. His goals are completely shrouded in mystery.

The giant Gear itself is most likely a Megadeath-class Gear, due to its large size and attacks, many of which being extremely powerful and destructive (such as "Perfect Rainbow", a laser that is belched from the Leopaldon's mouth) which fits into the characteristics of a Megadeath class, as they are described as being able to destroy a whole population in a short time.


Guilty Gear Isuka




Page Updated:  July 24th, 2019

I don't know what in the hell this walking piece of crap is supposed to be, exactly.... All I know is, it is indeed a walking piece of crap. Whatever type of drugs the dev-team was on during the creation of this design, I definitely never want to try. lol. Leopaldon gets some points for "originality" and all but... yeah, WTF indeed. He could be the most disturbing fighting game character/boss in history. 

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