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Kyoko Minazuki



Kyoko Minazuki is a school nurse and later chemistry teacher at Justice High School. In Rival Schools, she is sent along with Hideo to recruit students to the school. Like Hideo, she too is captured and brainwashed to do the school's bidding until being freed by students from Taiyo High. In her ending in the game, the values she gains from the ordeal moves her to convict a former employer for corruption, and she eventually accepts Hideo's marriage proposal.

In Project Justice, Kyoko appears with Hideo and Hayato in the Justice High storyline, investigating the cause of the new school attacks. In the story's ending, she is shown taking care of Hideo and reminding him of their wedding.
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Rival Schools

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Project Justice, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Namco X Capcom

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Page Updated:  Mar. 28th, 2020

I wish school nurses looked like Kyoko back when I went to high school (instead of fat wrinkly women that gave me a hard time if I wanted a damn Tylenol)! Damn, I would have faked being sick even more than I already did... lol. Kyoko is naturally a great design in the Rival Schools series, and really nails that "hot older women" archetype. She and Hideo make a pretty badass (and hilarious) team in the series. Kyoko's outfit is slightly simple, but it's believable and it works... (I'm glad she's not one of those "over-designed" characters). 

Probably the most original part of her design is that she can give her teammates quick massages for some quick life-up.... Hilarious stuff. You also gotta love the mini game in the PS1 version where Kyoko can actually give you a massage through your Dual Shock controller. Virtual reality shit right there!!! xD 

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