Kojiroh Sanada


Kojiroh is captain of the Shinsengumi Unit Zero, a group that investigated demonic forces in Japan and follows the code of Bushido. Six months before the events of Last Blade 2, their investigation into Hell's Gate became Keiichiro's solo mission; and at this time, escaped from their number. Many of them were lost in the battle with the crazed Shikyo, and the Zero Squad came to question their purpose. But the Hell's Gate investigations had to be carried out. And so Kojiroh travels to Hell's Gate, to restore the Zero Unit's faith in themselves, and to defeat the crazed one who slipped through their fingers. Some fans believe that Kojirou is loosely based on Okita Souji from Rurouni Kenshin.

The Last Blade 2


Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  June 24th, 2019

While not particularly an exciting design visually when put up against other fellow 2D fighting game characters, as a " traditional" samurai design, Kojiroh isn't half bad. I've read "official" storylines of this character that claimed Kojiroh is a "female" and others that claim Kojiroh is a male. So I'm labeling this one ambiguous... lol. (I think the design would be cooler as a female).

In any case, Kojiroh has some cool moves & animations, and a pretty cool outfit design as well... Actually, Kojiroh looks to have bought her/his top layer kimono from the same place Haohmaru shops at! Hehe.

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