Johnny Maximum


A mysterious football player who likes American food. He wishes to terminate Neo-Dio and Zeus. His nickname is Titan. He's believed to be based off of John Madden since they share the same initials.
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World Heroes 2



World Heroes 2 Jet, World Heroes Perfect

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Page Updated:  June 29th, 2019

Back when World Heroes 2 hit the arcades, I'll admit I picked J. Max more than once. To be fair, he was a pretty unique fighting game character in the 90's... ADK actually put some effort into trying to make this football meathead a "cool" character. Even so, Johnny Max is pretty generic at the end of the day. His moveset features a few halfway interesting attacks, but compared to other 2D fighting game characters of the era, he's missing something. One thing I do like about him is his creepy "shadow face". This guy was doing Captain Falcon eyes before Captain Falcon! lol.

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