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Igniz is the CEO of Nests and was the mastermind behind everything NESTS did. He is 56 years old, but his beauty makes him appear much younger. Igniz hosts the KOF 2001 tournament in hopes of becoming a new god, deciding to test his new found power against the finalists. After the '01 tournament, he sends the winners up to his private space station where his loyal Zero first roughens them up. Igniz then fights, but is finally defeated by K', Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami together. With his last powers, Igniz tries to crash his space station into the earth, but it burns up in the atmosphere. Thus ends the story of NESTS.

The King of Fighters 2001



KOF 2002: Unlimited Match


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Page Updated:  Oct. 3rd, 2019

Igniz is a pretty-boy SNK boss, but he manages to be a badass, too. He's got some crazy awesome moves for sure, and even some groundbreaking 2D animation for the time. And like most SNK bosses, he's an overpowered asshole... lol. A character that you love to hate. I can't say I hate Igniz as a design, but I do hate fighting against him (like everyone else does, I'm sure). He's not the best KOF boss design, but certainly not the worst fighting game boss design I've seen. For the old school KOF graphics, Igniz introduced some coolness to the series.

On a side note: Don't ask me why there's so much "Hong Kong style" KOF Igniz artwork on this page. lol.

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