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Ryu Hayabusa
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The main protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series, Ryu Hayabusa is a modern super ninja and the best friend of Kasumi's brother. Being a super ninja, he has the responsibility to confront Bankotsubo, the Evil Tengu, who came from the dark world into human existence. to face the Evil Tengu would be a suicidal act for any human being but Hayabusa owes it to himself and to mankind to confront his fate.
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Dead or Alive

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Dead or Alive 2, Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive 4, Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Dead or Alive 6, Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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Page Updated:  Apr. 27th, 2019

Hayabusa always struck me as an "Americanized" ninja... a character designed to be more palatable to the western audience. As a fan of legit Japanese ninjas for my entire life, I never really liked Hayabusa all that much. In the first couple of DOAs, it was great to see the original star of Ninja Gaiden reimagined and appear in a next-gen 3D fighting game. Overall, Hayabusa's DOA incarnation was always pretty well done... but I've still seen better, more exciting ninjas in many other fighting games.

For one, the rendering of Hayabusa's "baby face" in the first few games was always awkward... (is he a model for acne medicine?). He looks like such a friendly guy, like he could be a barista at Starbucks or something. DOA's designers obviously spent too much time rendering soft-looking women with big breasts, that they forgot to make Hayabusa look even halfway tough. Hayabusa's fighting style in later DOA games strikes me as mediocre, right along with his personality, animations, and modernized ninja attire. He's acquired some cool moves over the years, but most of which I've seen other fighting game (and real life) ninjas perform with more finesse and "oomph". Furthermore, I don't find many of Hayabusa's animations in DOA (and the newer NG games) to be very "ninja-like"... he does quite a few things rather sloppily, to be honest. While he's a decent design, I think he's slightly overrated. Even when I played the retro NG games as a kid in the 90's, Hayabusa seemed generic to me... but at least he's evolved a bit since then.

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