Franco Bash


Franco Bash is a retired Super Heavyweight kickboxing champion. He works as a mechanic in South Town Airport to support his wife Emilia and their son Junior. In Fatal Fury 3 his son is kidnapped by Yamazaki, who blackmails him into helping him obtain the Secret Scrolls of the Jin. He rescues his son in his ending in Fatal Fury 3 and trains to make his comeback thorough the Real Bout series. His trademark moves includes the Double Kong, the Power Bicycle, and Webbing Blow, while his Super Special Move is the Armageddon Buster..
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Fatal Fury 3


Real Bout Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Real Bout Special, Real Bout Special: Dominated Mind, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, Card Fighters Clash

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Page Updated:  Dec. 15th, 2019

Franco Bash is Super Mario on steroids. You did a funny thing, SNK. >_> Franco is definitely a funny-looking character on all levels. His animations add som semi-decent comic relief to the Fatal Fury series... but it's not clear is he's really trying to be funny. I think that's what's funny about him. lol.

Like Balrog, he punches hard. His moveset isn't that interesting, but he punches hard. Did I mention that? ^o^ What's with the suspenders? Dudley does it better. Way better. Anywho, it's understandable why SNK pretty much dropped this design after a few games. You'll be lucky to ever made a cameo appearance in a background again, Bash.

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