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El Fuerte


El Fuerte is a man who is both Luchador and cook. His blazing passion remains unbowed even in the face of Russia's own Red Cyclone (Zangief). He sets out on a journey to find the ultimate in culinary recipes and put his lucha libre skills to the test, though his skills in the kitchen still require some polish. "El fuerte" in Spanish loosely translates to "the strong."

In El Fuerte's Street Fighter IV ending, he asks himself what recipe is suitable for a great hero. E. Honda and Zangief suggest their favorite food (Chankonabe and Borscht, respectively). El Fuerte then suggests and mixes them together and adds some chilli peppers and some lemon. The results apparently tasted foul, as Honda and Zangief's faces turn blue with disgust. Then an oblivious El Fuerte proclaims the food "tastes so great it sends you straight to heaven!"
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Street Fighter 4



 Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Ultra Street Fighter 4

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Page Updated:  Jan. 12th, 2023

Even though El Fuerte is a somewhat simplistic (and very stereotypical) Mexican wrestler design, his fighting style is anything but. He's definitely got some entertaining moves... even though a few of his animations may be a bit kooky. His running animation for one is just silly. But damn, he's really... really.. FAST. Speedy Gonzales

Capcom proves once again they can turn a "simple looking" design into a really dynamic fighting game character... and of course, "stereotype" just like the old days. Really Capcom? El Fuerte is a Mexican wrestler/chef with special moves named "Quesadilla bomb" and "Guacamole leg throw." lol. I don't know if this design would potentially offend any Mexicans out there, but quite honestly, I think he's pretty cool and funny design. He manages to fit into the SF series quite well, but I can't say he's among my "favorite" fighting game wrestlers. He's a bit too comic relief for my tastes.

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