Edge Master


Nobody knows Edge Master's real name, when or where he was born or how he became the great master of the Ling Sheng Su Temple. Each new chief of the temple simply knows that he is well versed in almost every weapon known to man. He descends from the mountains to initiate the successors of the three treasures and teach them the secret arts of the temple. These facts show that Edge Master had lived an extremely long time, but none of the previous chiefs or successors of the treasures know the truth about him because he never talks about himself. The person who probably knew the most about him was Kilik.

After the destruction of the temple, Edge Master took Kilik in and taught him to suppress the Evil Seed which had inhabited his body. He trained Kilik for three years, and the bright young man mastered most of the secret arts of the Ling Sheng Su Style rod. As a final trial to test Kilik's skill and to help him resist the Evil Seed, Edge Master sent Kilik west to find Soul Edge. After Kilik left, the master devoted his mind to deep meditation. He had always believed in destiny, but something stirred in him. It might be worth challenging the stream of history again, he thought, to cut his own path through destiny and create the future. But, for reasons known only to himself, Edge Master knew this was not his place and awaited Kilik's return. 

Once the Soul Edge was destroyed, he would finally be able to rest. Kilik returned after Soul Edge was destroyed. Edge Master was glad to see that the warrior had been up to the challenge, but he still had one test left for him. Edge Master attacked Kilik using evil energy to teach Kilik how to master evil by using it. Kilik successfully defended himself, and thus passed Edge Master's final test. Was there some connection between Edge Master and the Soul Edge? We may never really know.
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Soul Calibur


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Soul Calibur 5


Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2021

I thought Edge Master was badass since the first time I first saw him appear in Soul Calibur 1 (time release in the arcade version, mind you). ;) He's a simple, straight-forward design... and a very clever and believable "mimic fighter" who can use all weapons in the game. An elderly master who can throw down with all weapon styles of Soul Calibur? Watch out... we got a badass over here!

In my opinion, Edge Master is easily the coolest and overall best mimic character to ever appear in Soul Calibur... and possibly any fighting game for that matter. Olcadon & Charade were entertaining designs for their time, but they don't quite match the "coolness factor" of THE Edge Master. FUN FACT: I had written the sentence "Bring back Edge Master, Namco!" on this very profile for nearly a decade, so it made me happy when Namco finally brought him back for SC5. His cameo in SC6 (above) was also appreciated, although he should've been playable! In any case, Edge Master looks damn good for his age. I hope I can stay in shape and look badass when I'm 68 (or however old Edge Master is). 

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