Eddie is a kickboxer from Venezuela who trains Shuko's henchmen. Eddie's fighting style is a combination of Muay Thai and other martial arts. He is a martial arts teacher and incredibly powerful fighter. He is still consistently searching for ways to improve his abilities.

Double Dragon




Page Updated:  July 18th, 2019

Nothing like a 90's token black guy.... lol. What's with Eddie's face? They could've done him better than that. Why is he drawn to look like a "bad guy"? That face tho. lol. Life been hard on you Billy Blanks? >_> I bet he's a nice guy on the inside. lol. 

Hahahahaa.... eeeehh, somehow Eddie's outfit isn't too bad. Ninja pants mixed with belly hoodie? IDK. lol. He's got some halfway decent fighting moves - yet mostly been there done that stuff.

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