Kim Dragon
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Kim Dragon is a martial arts superstar who stars in several movies. His fame is compared to that of singers, but he wants to be a great fighter as well. He is said to be from Korea, although we all know he is a Bruce Lee wannabe, and that Bruce Lee is Chinese. In the first World Heroes he was said to be Chinese, but ADK actually changed his nationality to Korean after that.
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World Heroes


World Heroes 2, World Heroes 2 Jet, World Heroes Perfect


Page Updated:  Nov. 27th, 2018

This Bruce Lee clone actually appeared before Fei Long. I guess it makes sense for Bruce Lee to appear in a game called World Heroes. However, World Heroes never held a candle to Street Fighter 2. Real talk... if it were up to Kim Dragon / World Heroes to carry the genre in 1992, I'm not sure fighting games would be where they are today (or worse). Harsh to say, perhaps... but true, and necessary to acknowledge if you understand the impact SF2 had for its time, and what the series did for fighting games into the future. Fei Long was on that hype-train, btw.

Even though Mr. Dragon is based on Bruce Lee, his average-ass animation really didn't do much justice to the legend. Fun Fact: I remember and played several 80's/90's Bruce Lee video games that had far more fluid / authentic 2D animation over Kim Dragon. For one, Bruce Lee's sprite from the Atari Jaguar title, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1994), puts Kim Dragon's sprite and animations to shame.

In short, Kim Dragon was a "good try" by ADK... but I know a cheap dollar store Bruce Lee knockoff toy when I see one. On the same isle, Fei Long is like a shiny articulated action figure from Hasbro. And by this measurement, Marshall Law would be a $500 collector's statue from PCS. ;) Nuff said? I believe so. Wah-taaah.

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