D.D. is known as "The Crimson Thunder". His full name is Daisuke Dejima. He is a man who, through the intervention of a secret organization, had his dormant cells awakened and became a "Code Holder". He's a strike-based power fighter. He envelops his attacks with deep crimson thunder to destroy all manner of things. To stop the great catastrophe afflicting Metro City, he went there together with his companions. To be honest, one of the subtitles in the game said "Daisuke Dejima, right in the nick of time!"

His special moves all moved him forward, and you could connect his special attacks together. He's got very heavy rushdown, but is weak to dramatic counters because of it. He's most powerful in a straightforward battle.

His design and fighting style seem to be partly inspired by the Mishima's of the Tekken franchise. One of D.D.'s signature punches even closely resembles the Electric Wind God Fist. Seemingly due to his gloves, he is also able to electrocute foes with punches (similar to C. Viper).


Capcom Fighting All Stars




Page Updated:  July 1st, 2019

D.D. seemed like he had the potential to be a cool and "different" kind of Street Fighter character.  The "positive" and "negative" symbols on his gloves are kinda intriguing... I wonder what that's all about. I also wonder if he'll ever return in a future Capcom game, of if Capcom flat out dropped this design (seems more likely). 

Judging by the screenshots, I'm also pretty sure D.D. had a punch similar to the Electric Wind God Fist... which leads me to believe that D.D. was going to be a Tekken inspired character. Not to mention, Capcom Fighting All Stars was going to feature a sidestep feature. ;) In closing, D.D. definitely shares a subtle likeness to C. Viper... I wonder if they work for the same corporation. Hmm. 

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