Claire is a friend of Gerelt and works with him under Bilstein. Unlike him though, she is completely loyal and holds the button to the bomb planted in Gerelt. However, she sacrifices herself to save him, so he can go back to his family. Claire is known as Scarlet Del Sol. He can use all of Zelkin's moves and becomes a hero on Earth.


Plasma Sword




Page Updated:  July 15th, 2019

I always thought it was kinda funny how Claire's upper body is all decked out with heavy armor, but her legs are completely exposed... lol. Doesn't make much sense... but I have a theory: Maybe it allows her to move faster? Haha. Hey, maybe it goes along with her fighting style. ;)

To her credit, I actually really like Claire as a design. Her outfit is pretty cool looking and, thanks to the exposed legs... pretty sexy to boot. Overall, she's a solid design in Plasma Sword. If she was just a little more fleshed out, her rating would be higher. I could definitely see Capcom using her in another game... I'm kinda surprised they haven't. On a side note: I do own a cool gashapon figure of Claire. :) 

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