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Blaze made his first chronological appearance in Mortal Kombat II, visible only as a burning figure in the Pit II background. Details behind his story were not known until he returned as a secret playable fighter in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, where his in-game biography screen reveals that he is an elemental that had been pursuing a quest until he had been attacked by an ancient sect. The group of holy men, described as still serving the dead Dragon King, capture Blaze using magic and bound him to the task of protecting the last Great Dragon egg. After the egg hatched (An event shown in Reptile's Deadly Alliance ending), Blaze was able to resume his past mission.

It is said that Blaze had been created to oversee the strength of all of the fighters in the realms. His creator (shown to be Taven and Daegon's mother Delia in Armageddon's Konquest mode) had prophicised that there would be a time when the fighters' power would become a threat to all of existence itself. When this happened, it was thus Blaze's role to call out and awaken Taven and Daegon from their suspension. However, upon being freed from the egg incubation chamber, Blaze discovered that, in his absence, the power and numbers of these fighters had become too great and that Daegon had already been revived. He sounded the call to awaken Taven. He then enacted the plan to bring all the fighters together into one final battle, where the actions of the two brothers would end up determining their fates and prevent Armageddon. Sensing that something evil from the Netherealm was influencing Daegon, Blaze decided to travel there in order to find its source.

In Armageddon's Konquest mode, Blaze appears confronting both Taven and Daegon after the former had defeated Scorpion. He informs the two that the quest was not going as planned, and they were not following the guidelines as they were set by his creator. He transports them to Edenia, where the final battle is set to occur and where one of the brothers is destined to defeat Blaze. However, Taven first defeats Daegon, who had become corrupted due to his premature awakening. Blaze then informs Taven that the future of all the realms would then depend on the remaining brother, who needed to defeat him in Mortal Kombat to determine the fate of the rest of the fighters. The Pyramid of Argus then forms in the nearby crater with Blaze waiting atop it for Taven to destroy him.

In Blaze's Armageddon ending, it states that while he was enslaved by Onaga's men, he was corrupted by the spell that kept him bound to their wills. He then defeated Taven, Daegon, and all the combatants, and from there, all of reality. Because of this, it was indeed Blaze that ironically caused the Armageddon which Delia predicted, rather than help prevent it. Meanwhile, because Blaze is the final boss, in everyone else's ending they defeat him and obtain the power of a god, which brings about a scenario which culminates the character's quest in the epitome of their benefit, although in some endings (such as the endings of Quan Chi, Kobra, and Darrius) this benefit is not without its consequences.
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Page Updated:  Apr. 26th, 2020

Blaze is probably one of the most original fighting game characters of all time. Considering he debuted in 2002, there were really NO OTHER characters like him! I mean... think about it, "A man..... made of FIRE!" ...And his name is Blaze! Like wow, why didn't I think of that? :o What a great character to add to Mortal Kombat. His flame-resistant loincloth is also really cool looking... visually. 

If you didn't pick up on my thick sarcasm yet, you don't have a brain. Yeah.... So take your pick: A Human Torch rip-off? A Cinder clone? A Pyron wannabe? Or wait, perhaps a poor man's Inferno? Blaze's debut in Deadly Alliance was just... lame. Just look at his render from MKDA... it makes me choke. And couldn't they have tried to come up with a better name than... Blaze?!? Seriously, did a 5-year old create this design? Fail. One of the smarter ones from Midway likely realized this and vouched to "re-invent" Blaze in MK: Armageddon. I'll admit he looks a little better in Armageddon, but the design is still bland and hollow. As far as his mysterious origin goes, perhaps he's a "background character" that should've stayed in the background.

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