Black Hayato
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Black Hayato (B. Hayato) is an evil version of series protagonist Hayato Kanzaki. He first appears in Star Gladiator as a palette swap for Hayato. In Plasma Sword, he makes his playable debut as his own character. Black Hayato also appears in Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, and Project X Zone 2.

In their final battle, Bilstein managed to implant a "genotype" microchip into Hayato. The microchip would take control of Hayato, transforming him into Black Hayato: a cruel and ruthless swordsman with a cold and emotionless demeanor. Like his "good" counterpart, B. Hayato fights with a Plasma Sword.

While B. Hayato is evil, he still hates Bilstein for what he did and swears he'll attack and eliminate anyone and anything who gets in his way. If the player beats the game with B. Hayato, he'll try to kill June on sight, but the small bit of consciousness that Hayato has left will attempt to stop him. Should B. Hayato win, the effects of the microchip will remain permanent and the real Hayato will be gone forever. In Gantetsu's ending, B. Hayato is shown as a separate entity from the original Hayato, when he is actually in the latter's body.

In his own ending, after finally having had his revenge fulfilled, June Lin Milliam, who was Hayato's girlfriend, tried to stop him and return him to normal. After immediately spotting her, the evil swordsman attempted to kill her, but the last bit of Hayato's consciousness managed to stop him. Knowing he would never be free from the chains that bound him, B. Hayato decided to cut ties with the original Hayato once and for all, by fighting a mental battle against him. After finally succeeding in bringing down his double, he will no longer feel the microchip, which means its effects are permanent and the real Hayato had finally been wiped out of existence.

Plasma Sword


Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  May 20th, 2019

"Hayato... I've been watching you from afar. Now it's time to come to the dark siii-" ...why in the blue hell do you have TEAL-colored hair? Of all the colors of the rainbow. TEAL? What we're they smokin' at Capcom Space HQ this time? B. Hayato kinda looks cool, for a space fish. I'm not sure where this is going. But B.Hayato, you may not be suited for the dark side.

So is this guy is really supposed to be like... Evil Hayato? He looks nothing like Hayato, but I guess the facial structure is the same. Is Star Gladiator boss Bilstein so much of an evil, conniving bastard that he gave his sworn enemy Hayato TEAL hair as an added bonus punishment? If so, that's badass. Not for you Hayato, for Bilstein. lol. Alright, he's not a terrible design. Cool outfit. Cool sword. I'm done here... I hope you got your money's worth.

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