Annie Murakami


Annie comes from a Japanese province and since childhood, she has been taught to absorb the psychic forces that her family has had since generations ago. She is very young however, and hasn't fully practiced her abilities. Her cat's name is Qui-zi, and follows her on her journey.


Rage of the Dragons




Page Updated:  Aug. 7th, 2013

When I think Double Dragon... I definitely don't think of a design like this. I guess it's good that she's "different" from what's expected from the series. Her visual design is actually the best part about her. She definitely resembles Misa from Death Note... and for the record, Annie actually came before Misa! Interesting. I have a thing for goth girls, so I naturally like her. However, she is a somewhat simple design at the end of the day, and her moveset could've been a lot more interesting. On the bright side, she has a ton of cool taunt & win  pose animations. :) 

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