Akira Kazama

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She is a quiet girl who rarely speaks her thoughts. She can be tough and commanding while wearing her biker gear, but is a docile and gentle person otherwise. Her biker outfit was originally intended to hide her true gender prior to enrolling in Gedo High. She is the younger sister of Daigo.

In Rival Schools: United By Fate, she is on a mission to find out what happened to Daigo, and posed as a boy under her motorcycle helmet and biker gear. On her way, she befriends two of his subordinates, Edge and Gan. The three of them eventually rescue Daigo, and afterwards, Akira reveals her true identity to Edge and Gan.

In Project Justice, she was transferred to the all-girls Seijyun High, leaving her without any friends, until she found one in
Yurika, and later on, Zaki. This was due to the fact that she noticed her brother's change in personality after returning from training.
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Rival Schools

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Project Justice, Capcom Fighting All Stars, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS



Page Updated:  Feb. 20th, 2020

The majority of all fighting game females are typically "girly" in some way or another, and that's why Akira is a breath of fresh air.:) Akira is obviously a tomboy, and could even be mistaken for a guy with that helmet on (which is a clever and funny element of her design). Akira's moveset is also stylish and cool, matching her appearance. Of course, Edayan's awesome art style adds a lot to the character... she's got some notably expressive eyes.

Akira is an unorthodox and badass female fighter for sure. I find it interesting that her face and hairstyle reminds me of Jun Kazama (or Asuka)... and the fact that they share the same last name is definitely brings up questions! Was Capcom inspired by Namco's character on this one? Can't rule it out. If you ask me, I'd say Akira is too cool not to be related to Jun and Jin Kazama! ;) Dude, she even does Jin's classic Tekken 3 "glove tightening" pose in one of her original Rival Schools artworks! TEKKEN!

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