Accel resembles a cowboy or gunslinger, though he rarely uses his guns. His story goes as follows: "When I regained consciousness... I found myself here. They call me Accel: have gun, will travel. I got ambushed by a rough 'n' tough bunch of guys in town. Actually, they tied me to hot air balloon and let me loose in the skies. Boy, did they get the best of me. But now, I have this strange glowing stone. It is doing something strange to me. My blood is boiling, and my soul thirsts for justice. I have to get out of here. It's time they had a healthy helping of justice pie."

Power Stone 2





Page Updated:  July 16th, 2013

After the first Power Stone game, I thought the game was in need of "cooler" characters. A naturally cool design, Accel did a fairly good at filling the void. He's easily one of the best designs from the Power Stone series in my opinion.

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